Jillian Riscoe is learning to fly again. The award-winning soulful rock and pop vocalist is writing new songs about resilience and courage. It’s all a part of her own recovery from a difficult relationship that endured the deep throws of abuse and alcoholism.

But far from internalizing her struggles, she is using music to share her story and connect with others. “I love that with music, there are infinite possibilities of creation and self-expression,” says Riscoe. “Music has been there for me through everything, and I hope mine can be there for others as well.”

Singing and performing since the age of 7, Jillian has had her share of success. The Kansas City native singer/songwriter and musician has toured and performed across the United States, including the NAMM show, major sporting events, the Grammy Museum Music Revolution Project, and the CDBaby DIY Musician’s Conference. She has received regional music awards, secured national radio airplay, and opened up for artists like Pat Benatar, Rick Springfield, Lisa Loeb, Everclear, Tantric, Stabbing Westward.

Any performance Jillian puts on showcases a depth of dynamics, soulfulness and emotion. Performing as a solo artist, in a rock band, and with various cover groups of all genres through her years of actively performing live, she is as well versed and dynamic as it gets.

Always striving to push forward, Jillian has been releasing new music including the singles “Breaking Point” and “Creatures of Habit.” She is constantly writing and has been in and out of the studio with Matt Richards of Avenue Record Company. She says the new music represents “freedom, self-growth, and empowerment.”

“It’s taken a long time to get out of a dark place in all aspects of my life. That is something my new single ‘Breaking Point’ discusses, and it shows a big part of the journey I’m on,” she says.

“Been a while since it happened; when I lost maps of directions, of who I was before you pushed me in… Now I’m back, I’m here, I’m out from under, far from over, I’ll come back stronger.” These lyrics, Riscoe explains, represent the process of being lost and finding yourself again and all the life lessons you learned in that process.

There is no doubt that Jillian Riscoe has found herself and her voice once again, and her journey is far from over. This time, she’s coming back stronger than ever.